Bar numbering in Engine Prime

Hi all,

I just purchased a Prime 4 a couple weeks ago and I’m really loving it so far. I was using it with Serato initially because that’s what I was used to and I didn’t own any usb drives to try standalone mode.

Once I picked up some usb drives I started to use engine prime to manage my music only to notice that the bar numbers always start at “1” only at the first downbeat of a song. I know in Serato you can set the “1” downbeat anywhere you want (and any bars preceding that bar go into the negatives). Is that not the case in Engine Prime? I like “1” to be the first “real” beat, and not include introductory bars/phrases in that count because I like to be able to see where bars 33, 65, etc. are.

Thanks in advance!

Line up where you want it to go and press CUE button. Any bars before it will turn to a negative.

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