Backup Your Prime 2 With UPS

I had posted previously about the importance of using a UPS with my Prime 2 here: Prime 2 Backup UPS

I wanted to add and share an experience with everyone so you can be prepared and it may save you time and problems. While loading music onto my backup SD card it somehow lost connection with my laptop. This caused the engine library file on the SD card to become corrupted and unusable. If the Engine Prime library can get corrupted easily, by no fault of Engine Prime, it’s extremely important to use a UPS in case of power failure that would most likely corrupt your Engine Prime Library.

My first event with the Prime 2 was in a tent on a rainy day. I had to plug into an outlet that was shared with the tent lights ect. and things were getting pretty wet. All I could think about was I’m so glad I have my UPS backup installed, and should anything happen with the power my Prime 2 won’t be affected or will my engine library. This APC UPS battery can run the Prime 2 for over 30 minutes giving me plenty of time to properly power down. The power never went out, but at least I didn’t have to worry about it and could focus on the event.

OK that’s the battery cartridge - but what APC UPS does that fit into?

PKtheDJ Hi! Yes you are correct that is just the battery. Model description is:

APC Smart-UPS Lithium-Ion, Short Depth 500VA, 120V with SmartConnect Port

Model: SCL500RM1UC

I purchased mine from schneider electric for $379.99 Fast shipping and professional service.

Are you sure? That model doesn’t seem to have a battery slot.

Yes that is correct the info is off my receipt. The front is a removable snap on plastic bezel with the slot for the battery behind it on the left side.

Strange. When I go to the replacement battery selector on the APC site and enter that model number, it finds nothing, and suggests that it may not have a replaceable battery.

That’s strange for sure considering I have the battery and the slot it goes into? When I spoke with the APC rep he said I should get 5 years before replacing again.