B2B on two computers with MC7000?

Hi I have a few question about using the MC7000, we want to use the device for a DJ Team running it for a B2B Set, both with Serato DJ.

While having 2 Computers connected: a) can both access the sampler Volume? b) are the left deck controls for comupter 1 and the right deck controls for computer 2? c) must computer 1 always use channels 3 + 1 and computer 2 cahnnels 2 + 4? I know that you can switch output channels in Serato DJ. d) can both computers record the set? e) can both computers be connected via ableton link to sync speed of the decks? f) regarding to question b) who access which FX Section on which computer?

Thanks in advanced for your answers! Best regards, Jan

Any other MC7000 owners using two serato laptops with sampler volume, recording to laptop etc ?

Is it possible to switch the MIDI assignment of the channels or Deck Layout GUI in Serato?

When playing B2B on Computer uses Deck 1 + 3 and the second uses 2 + 4

The Serato GUI gives no option to have a two channel version of the B2B Mode. So while Playing B2B you have to switch to the 4 Deck GUI Layout in Serato and waste a lot of monitor space for two unused channels.

Any ideas on this?