AXIS 12 question

Hi, I have a set of the AXIS 12 speakers, along with the 12s Subs, I DJ mostly weddings, and drive them with a MC4000 controller. would anyone at denon be able to assist with this quesion. What level should i set the speakers to? should i set them to 12 o’clock both tops and subs? I notice that the limiter light comes on very quickly when set like this, so i put the volume to 9 o’clock and that allows me to turn the MC4000 master output up to almost unity but I’m still seeing the limiter light flickering quite a bit. I had a pair of Alto TSL115s before this and never had the limit light come on, i could drive them with the MC4000 hard and not see or have the limiter come on. Some guidance from anyone who has these or knows what is best practice with these speakers.

Thanks!! Sam King

Never go with Your master from a console to a full if not really needed. Lower the master volume, check Your master VU meter. Stay under 0dB on master out. Adjust the speakers accordingly to the needs of venue. Mostly if very loud needed, 75% is enough. Then use the master knob to adjust but never go above 0dB. If need more juce, let the speakers at max volume and adjust on the MC4000 to stay under 0dB. Limiter is always on when You send too loud signal to Your speaker, in other words - internal electronics is protecting the speaker/amp module from too high volume.