Avoid playing song from stopping

Hi all. I am new here - and same towards Prime 4. a) Is it possible to setup Prime 4 to avoid stopping a playing song (=playing channel volumen is up!), if I - by mistake - press cue og pause on the playing song? (So if playing channel is up in volume, there is no possibility to stop/pause song.) b) Is it possible to save Tidal music eg on Prime/internal 2.5 HDD, if there is trouble getting on Wifi, places where I DJ? c) Any news when Soundcloud will be an option for Prime? Thank you! BR John

So a playback lock? That’s an interesting feature. I do not see myself using that just because if I wanted to quick mix It would hinder me however. Maybe it can be an option in settings to toggle on/off.

To answer your question. Currently it is not available. Put in a feature request.

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Seems strange to me. It’s like asking “is there any way to prevent my car stopping when I press the brake pedal by mistake?”. :man_shrugging:


Yes. There is a way of not stopping the left hand deck when you press stop/cue for the left hand deck… by using the Layer change for the left hand deck. Works on the right hand deck too.

And Tidal? … no, for anti-piracy reasons (my guess) there isn’t any way of storing tidal songs locally.

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There are FAQs here for using Tidal with Denon DJ kit (including the offline storage question)…

Even if you could store them, they’d be protected files, so you couldn’t use them outside of Tidal.

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I agree but look at this way. Cars (players) with push to start will not turn off while the car is in drive (play).

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