Autostart SC6000

is there a way to auto power on the sc6000 when it gets ac power? when i power on my dj system with my main power switch just the x1850 goes on. on the sc6000 units i have to push the power button on the backside. if this button is not reachable, i can’t start the sc6000.

Yes, take it apart and bypass the switch. Otherwise no.

Obviously doing the above will void warranty, blah blah blah.

Always make it reachable

It’s so the unit can boot down correctly. You should always press the button to power off and then confirm on screen.

Never just kill the main source or you can currupt the internal memory or software doing this. It has a power fail safe and auto shuts down but why risk it. Plus you could power surge them and fry it’s internals.

Would you just kill the power to your PC to turn it off? No. Why treat other software dependant gear like that? ESP if they cost over a grand a piece.


It is a soft switch, similar to your computer. As SBC’s become more common in newer hardware, using hard power switching for turning things on and off will become less and less common.