AutoMix Feature

Will there be a Automix feature where the DJ can load tracks and let the controller do the mix automatically.


Hi @oswaldbobb, thank you for your request.

At present there will be no auto-mix feature on the Prime 4 when it’s released, but there is a ‘continuous mode’ that will play each track in a playlist one after the other.

I have passed your request on to the dev team who are now aware.

Thanks J


In continuous mode is there a 1 or 2 secs space after each track?

if it’s anything like every other dj software, once one track is loaded, the next track is loaded into the other deck and when it ends it gapless-ly starts playing the next track once it ends, then the cycle repeats.

Auto mix is anti-DJ


I disagree.

VirtualDJ has various automix modes, and above that you can create custom POI (points of interest) to set in and out points etc. It works very well.

Typical scenario background music at the start of the evening or during a meal.

This would be especially handy for the zone out on the Prime 4 with a separate play list so the tracks don’t have a visible gap.

Not everyone is a EDM DJ in a club doing the same thing every night. The Prime 4 will be bought by a lot of mobile DJs. Just remember that.

Really (like horizontal waveforms) Denon’s product development team should have thought of this already.


There is no such thing as Anti-DJ, a DJ plays back music, that is what a DJ does, there are no rules for a DJ. The hardware or software a DJ uses is to make his work easier, so if the hardware of software allows the DJ to Auto Mix is good as this is a tool to use if the DJ desires.


In some senses , that phrase is irrevocably spot on.

One of the many things I wished for virtual DJ before they got too cocky and put themselves first, before the users and their shows was that virtual WOULD auto mix between two decks instead of loading everything onto one deck

I can see the point for some VDJ users, of having automix working all in one deck only, but for some workflows it neither works, nor flows.

But for Primes , some sort of playback commander where all the tracks in a playlist could be alternated between two decks with a little cross fade over beginning/end of tracks to avoid silent gaps would be good. Having two different playlists alternating would be extra good

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Virtualdj has a setting to enable dual deck automix should you want it. It’s set to one deck by default and that works fine in most cases.

Everyone prefers some cross fading with their playlists. So like iTunes it could be an auto 12 seconds crossfade or optional tempo matching say for a straight 4/4 house etc list. Better than super boring 2 second gaps between tracks for another room via the handy zone out feature on channel 4


Hi there, thank you for this feedback on the Zone feature, we’re compiling a few to see how we can evolve the Zone output and this is helpful.

We can’t wait for people to starting using it and giving us more!


Moving this post to the new Feature Request area. Please be sure to like the original topic post of this thread if you also want this feature. Topics (features) with the most original topic ‘likes’ will move to the top of the list. This way we can see what requests are the most popular. Thanks!


zone is where this feature req becomes most obvious since the only control you have in zone is the playlist. but in general this is an important feature for mobiles regardless of where your speakers are.


I don’t see another topic relating to Automix or Zone Output, so here’s my $.02 on this:

I’d like to standardize on 1 platform that does all I need it to. Since the Denon DN-HD2500 (DMAN) platform isn’t supported anymore (I still use it!), I would have thought the awesome CFADE and RELAY features would be included in the Prime series. Especially for mobile DJs for the reasons listed above/below in other posts and comments. Gapless music with autofade (NOT AUTOMIX!) down the list on 1 deck (CFADE) or between 2 decks/lists/crates (RELAY) would be handy and make it so I don’t have to bring along the old HD2500 or use SPOTIFY for backup…could all be done on Primes. Can’t it??? Let’s go, Denon DJ!!!


Yeah. Doesn’t need to beatmatch or anything. Just auto-fade when the song is down to the last 5 to 10 seconds (let us choose in options). It could definitely come in handy for the zone output. To me that output is more for a background type of crowd anyway and eliminating any ‘dead-air’ is really all I’m worried about.


How to you access continuous play mode on the prime 4?

Swipe up from the bottom middle!

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Certainly not every other DJ Software. Serato doesn’t do this, even though they have been asked for it for years.

When I use continue to play the next track in a playlist. Is there a way to auto fade at 6 seconds? That way I don’t have to have dead air in each transition?

If I had to leave the booth for a minute it would be great to hit auto play and not have to have dead air in between the songs. other software does this very well for those that need a quick health break. Virtual Dj has many options for the auto play area, can you add a fade to the next song at x seconds remaining?

A request for this feature, admittedly not specifying exactly 6 seconds, has already been made in the feature request section

I’m another long-time DN-HD2500 user - since day 1 of it maybe. I’m also not a world-renowned club DJ playing EDM until 3am, just making money my own way. Thought for sure the C-Fade feature would be an automatic inclusion, or I at least hoped. Put me down for 10 votes to include in a future update.

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