Automix feature - Please

Hi, Im a mobile DJ and would love a Automix feature that would fade between songs/layers. So you could use just one deck and have a playlist of music and it would crossfade between the songs, this would be handy during cocktail/dinner or when i need to step away from the mix. I can do that now with the laptop, but the point of media players is you don’t want to bring a laptop:-)

Thanks! Sam King


Hi Sam and welcome to the forum. Denon DJ staff introduced a “feature request” area here where users like you and I can submit ideas. The ideas with the most “likes” (:heart:) will be taken in to consideration for future development.

Here is the link to the Feature Request area: ClickHere

Do a search in the SC5000 section and if you don’t see this request, feel free to add it in.