Automatically Loading Player Number on Startup

Each time I startup my SC6000Ms, they default to Player 1 and 2. When I go into the Utility menu and change them to Player 2 and 3 to reflect the physical order of the player in my setup and input sources into the mixer channels, they change only for that session. Once I reboot or power up the units another day, they go back to default number of 1 & 2. I have even tried to see if Save To My Drive function would save this as a user preference… nope. Keeps resetting to 1 & 2 on restart & loading of User Preferences.

Is there a way of setting these Player Numbers so the units remember and starts up having the correct Player # assignment? If not, could it be a feature request?

My Setup is as follows:

  • Player 1 / Channel 1: Technics SL-1200M3D
  • Player 2 / Channel 2: SC6000M running firmware 1.6.1
  • Mixer: X1850
  • Player 3 / Channel 3: SC6000M running firmware 1.6.1
  • Player 4 / Channel 4: Technics SL-1200M3D
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Don’t think it can be done automagically, but perhaps it can.

To be sure, the M’s are in single layer mode and you connected them on ethernet ports 2+3?

Mine says player 1 and 2 but I’m connected to Ethernet 2 and 3

The assigned player number does not appear to have any undesirable effects.

I use the same assignment in Serato mode as well.

Its a matter of where you connect them to the mixer.

Yes for the location of layer A’s, but the numbering will not start at number 2 if there’s no player 1.

Thanks for the help guys. Yeah, I have both M’s plugged into Ethernet port 2 & 3. I would think this should be something that the system defaults out of the box by starting numbers from 1, then 2, and so on… but if the user overrides the numbering because of their specific setup, each player would remember the latest numbering assignment and go back to same configuration when restarted (unless reset to defaults by user).

Clearly the software is written to be smart enough to know to route layer Bs to the other channels (1 & 4) or put the CUE-ed audio to 1 & 4 when Layer A’s are loaded and/or currently playing a track.

Think a feature enhancement is needed here…

I understand your custom numbering (and perhaps it should remember that), but it’s purely cosmetic or? Do you have a sticker on the Technics? :wink:

Have you tried the Engine button on the mixer to change it? Should be the same outcome, but it’s worth trying.

lol, no stickers on Technics… but yes Reese, you’re right in that it’s purely a cosmetic thing. Player numbering doesn’t really do anything other then help the users to know which sources goes into which channel of on the mixer (definitely more useful for a club setup than a home one)…

I haven’t tried the Engine button on the X1850, but will try that out as well.

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Press and hold. Both players should display the numbering.

Just tried it, good trick to remember… but yeah the Player #'s are still the default 1 & 2 from startup.

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