Automatic cue point calculation

Does anyone have experience with automatic cue point calculation with for example machine learning?

Do you mean downbeat detection? Isn’t this a solved problem already?

No point in reinventing the wheel just because the phrase “machine learning” is in fashion these days…

Hi Jonny, It is not only the downbeat detection. I’m trying to loose less time in the preparation phase. I have done a lot of work already on automating workflow for backup, set keys and title tags. I have many new songs that I want to add at the same time to the Prime engine. For all of those I want to set the cues on:

  • 16 bars before the start of the verse
  • Start of the verse
  • Optional start of the Pre - chorus
  • Start of the Chorus / refrain
  • Start of the Bridge

I wouldn’t feel happy about playing a song that I’d not even heard the once, while I was setting its cue points

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Nitebeatz, I understand your point. Think about it like this; Most of them you hear daily on the radio. And there is a difference between cueing up songs and exercising transitions on them.

MIK and rekordcloud places cue points.

Not sure if they can be customized though.

MIK goes by “energy”