Auto Volume Control for Zone Output

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? Some type of auto-gain / compression when playing a zone playlist
  • How will this feature help you and others? If I’m playing music into a separate room using Ch4 and the Zone output, I have no way of hearing or adjusting the sound being sent to the second room. Due to differences in tracks and they way they were created, some can be loud and some can be soft. I’ve had people come in to me from the second room asking me to turn it up, and have done so. Five minutes later, another track plays from the list and it’s much louder, meaning I get complaints that it’s now too loud.
  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? OtsAV / OtsDJ has a comprehensive AVC, Compressor & Limiter built on)
  • Does a workaround currently exist? Have someone in the second room constantly come back to me and feedback to me how the gain needs to be changed.
  • How often would you use this feature? Every time i sent a playlist to Zone (about half of my shows)
  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add?

I’m not a Prime 4 owner (i have one SC5000), but are you saying the Prime 4 doesn’t take any notice of the gain analysis done by the engine Prime software? If so, that seems a bit of an oversight!

Not sure there is a gain analysis (autogain) in EP.

It has been requested.

Yeah, you’re right. …i’m not thinking properly. Engine Prime of course is a File management software, rather than a performance software like Serato/Traktor, so that wouldn’t have been considered necessary.

Engine must at least be measuring the amplitude of the waveform though, as during analysis it re-draws the wave form with the wave “normalised” to full scale (I know it’s not normalising the audio, & it’s just for the purpose of the display). …surely if it knows the max amplitude of the track from this, it could easily write that info to the database for use in playback on the prime players.

I totally “get” that some people want manual control of gain (“proper” DJing!) :slight_smile: …but for playing an unattended playlist to another room from deck 4, this seems like a fairly obvious requirement.

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I started that request thread.

I don’t know if there is any hardware limitation to implementing auto gain on the newer stuff (minus MCX8000). The Prime 4 and 5000s are computers anyways…If they can manage key shifting why not auto gain.

It will be important that the auto gain is non destructive ie just stored in Engine database

But like you said, it will be a nice to have feature not just in the scenario you mentioned but for performance purposes as well.

I’m used to it from Scratch Live to Serato DJ Pro.

The purist will argue against it, but they always argue against anything and everything anyways :joy:

Add your :heart: to the original feature request


I’m stunned that some people are arguing against auto gain. What on earth is added to a performance by having to manually adjust the gain of every track? Certainly from my perspective, not having it for continuous play makes the option of using it for zone output unusable.

You could always use a 3rd party tool to normalise/adjust gain on the audio files.

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Yes you could and I use PN4, however a couple of issues, 1/ this could actually be a breach of copyright as it involves copying the original file (i know this is a very grey area now, but still) 2/ when streaming comes online you wont be able to use a 3rd party tool. 3/ Having to sit and adjust 1000’s of tracks which I haven’t already run through PN4 doesn’t appeal, as I have a life (sort of) 4/ why should I have to when auto gain is a simple tool which resolves many (but not all) of these issues

Auto gain could resolve somewhat. But most commercially available tracks are already “mastered” with Waves plugins even up to 0 dBFS. Gain trim is something that comes natural from the vinyl days… but why not make life easier in the digital days indeed.

What I would like to see is some kind of multi-band processing. The zone out is usually for background music and that way it could make tracks better heard at low volumes.

I for one check and edit my tracks to be at the same levels to omit large gain differences. And yes, I have a life too, but a music collection needs to be well prepared. Loudness wise this could still be experienced differently, but I don’t want to change tracks that much, of course.

Like JonnyXDA mentioned, I have always used a 3rd party program when adding tracks to my library that analyses and normalizes (such as mp3gain, platinum notes, etc.) - part of the process before dragging tracks, albums or pool folders into our crates and playlists in Engine Prime. Make it part of your process.