Auto play add on

Dear Denon, a feature that should be easy to add that I would like to see is some kind of auto play. It would be nice if I could just be chillin around the house and have my players automatically play tracks…it would be nice if it could auto play in order and a random shuffle function. Thanks Randallo Betterdays

Dude! This is a dj player! Not a house playback juke box. There are already dedicated devices that will do what You ask for. And they are way cheaper.

Thanks for your completely pointless response. What if I wanna Dj a few tracks, bump some songs while I’m grilling a steak, Dj a couple more tracks, flip the steaks, bone my chick, go back to djing, have a smoke break, Dj some more…etc


I suggest you read the manual. There is a continuous play mode.

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Really, guess I’ll have to take a look…so you don’t know offhand how to activate that?

It is rather lazy and ignorant to not read the manual of your own device or not to do a research before buying. If you would do so, You would notice a giant CONTINUOUS mode button on the main screen. This would take You less than even writing questions on the forum.


It always is -