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I’m a wedding / mobile DJ who recently purchased the Prime 4. I know this has been posted before so I’m not sure if this has been updated. If not, then please…add a auto mix function to play lists on the Prime 4. Something where we can control the fade in / fade out times. Also a shuffle feature on a play list would be very beneficial. This would be useful for things like dinner music at weddings or when we need to step away from our system ( to do things like go to the restroom). That is why I’ve only used virtual DJ for the last 15 + years. Virtual DJ has all the features a wedding DJ needs. I took a risk on the Prime 4, so if this feature isnt going to be added, then the unit is kind of a waste.

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Latest firmware released a few days ago already allows this function via Chanel 4 zone out. It will play a continued playlist and you can set the cross fade timing.

But that is for the zone out. I’m talking about the master out. It’s very rare that the guests are in a separate room for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, the zone out is handy but the majority of the time, the guests are in the same room for both the dinner and the dancing. And what about when we as DJs have to step away from our system to use the restroom while dancing is happening. Denon, I’ve always been a loyal customer, so please review the features that virtual DJ has to offer (specifically on the auto play section of their software). There is a reason Virtural DJ is used buy so many wedding DJs.

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Read this link:

Hello Wiley,

This is an option for now but I’m trying to save time when setting up and tearing down. That’s the whole reason I purchased the Prime 4. It doesn’t make since to run 2 separate lines from the same controller to the same speakers. Now I have to run 4 speaker cables to 2 speakers. That’s very redundant.

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I find it hard to believe that Prime 4 could be considered a waste just because it doesn’t offer the automix functionality. In fact, this piece of hardware is a genuine music powerhouse and rather too much of an equipment for a wedding like event.

Just use Virtual DJ with this controller. Where is your problem?

Just wire the zone out to one of the prime4 channel inputs as an external source.

It’s standalone in essence. Controller mode is an add-on.

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Isn’t the purpose of the Prime 4 to be completely stand alone? Having to break out my laptop to run virtual DJ for dinner music and go to the rest room is asinine.

That’s like saying you need to use tractor to run cocktail music and then run serato to play dance music.

Also, a huge number of DJs that would use this type of unit are wedding DJs. Why would you discount them.

If it’s any consolation, as far as I know, there are no standalone DJ systems or players available at this moment that offer automix capability. Only some controllers have this capability. So one could ask the question: why? Is it, really, possible that neither Denon or Pioneer thought at least once about adding automix capability on standalone DJ systems?

Instead of waiting for Denon or Pioneer to think if and when they will add automix capability to their standalone equipments, you can help yourself by preparing a few music mashups, well put together, that can do the job just fine during a brake.


You guys already have it with a simple work around. And if this feature is so important to you guys that you want to rant and complain about it then you guys should at least go and try it. It’s simple, neat but still adhoc. You get almost the exact same results as if it was implemented internally.

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Ok look, it’s not that hard. Denon created a firmware update to have the Zone play music in a playlist format with continuous play back with simple fade in / fade out abilities. All in asking is to do the same thing with regular playlists through the main line out. Why is that such a difficult thing to ask for? I’ve also seen several videos and forum posts asking for the same exact thing…so it’s not like this is something new that has been requested.

I’ve had a denon DN-MC6000 that works with Virtual DJ for over 8 years. The 6000 has this feature embedded in the software. For Denon to say they don’t know about this feature is crazy. If it’s going to take another firmware update to get this feature, that’s fine. I just want denon to know that this is an important feature to mobile DJs who need to walk away from their gear to get things done.

Denon MC6000 don’t run on it’s own software frontend. It runs a firmware that enables the hardware to send signals to a computer running a software developed specifically for mixing music (in this case, Virtual DJ). So, whether you used a controller or not, Virtual DJ was the software with capabilities. The specifically developed controller only send the signal to the software to enable its automix capability. In the case of Engine Prime, both the PC and the standalone version, the software is just a library manager and not developed yet with the same capabilities like Virtual DJ or other DJ software, so the one doing the work has to be the DJ.

It’s called a play list for a reason not a play song. I want the equipment to play the list not play the song. If you can do it on zone out, you can also do it on the main out. Why is that so hard to understand.

Just put it in continuous mode from the toolbar, but it will not offer fade-in and fade-out between the tracks.

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If you can press play, and it plays , and there’s no big ugly laptop connected at the time. Then it’s standalone

Why is everyone so upset about this request? I know at least a dozen wedding DJs that are NOT buying P4 or Pioneer because of this. They would like to work without laptop but it’s just not possible without work arounds so they stick with a 6000 and VDJ.