Auto Looping, Need to be able to activate it without jumping to the location.

I have an artist I am working with that needs to know about the looping function, I need to be able to build a loop in engine or rekordbox and then have it be activated once the playhead gets to it, He wants to be able to activate the loop so that when it gets to the loop it just loops, however, we just dont want it to jump to the loop, Is there a way to do this.


No, but it’s already requested in another topic.


not (yet) in Engine, I did requested this May 2017: []

@Gee_DenonDJ even confirmed in July 2017 that: “An advanced variation of this request has been passed to the development team (about 2 weeks ago)”

Expect this request is still with the development team, maybe they should first issue the standard “active loop” and after this then work on the “advanced version”…

Anyway in Rekordbox it is available as “active loop” .