Auto load / Auto pause

I need to play some very short tracks manually after each other. I have not enough time to load them manually.

So I need auto loading the next track in standard mode or auto pause in continuous mode.

Any ideas or workarounds?

Have you tried creating a playlist with just those short tracks and then making sure you have continuous on?

Merge the small single tracks to one big track and use cue points if you need to jump to one of the small fragments?

Thank you for your help!

@SunnyJ - Yes, the tracks are in a playlist and they play after each other in continuous mode. But I need them to pause between the tracks…

@Mick70 - Good idea with the cue points! But can I make the track pause on the cue points? Or do you mean to leave a long space between the parts and use the hot cue buttons?

I use the prime go to run a open air theater play, so it it is not the standard use case.

How short are the “tracks”? If they are like samples (few sec) then I would just hold the hotcue button until it plays out

Anyway…for a open air theater I would not bother with Prime Go when every DJ software paired with a cheap controller would be a better choice…unless you already own the Go and just trying to adapt it.

Ah, haven’t seen the autopause requirement. No, with none of the prime devices. ;-(

I already own the prime go and it is perfect for the theater because I can mix and play all audio with one device. One of our stages is in the forrest with no power. So I can use it here in battery mode. Everything works great except of the short tracks. I think I will put them in one track and play/pause manually.

But maybe my „auto load“ and „auto pause“ feature request will be solved in the future :slight_smile: