Auto Fade (CFADE & RELAY) - Next Firmware Update?

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? The ability to change to a mode where music not only plays continuously, but auto fades (not auto mix!) into the next track on the playlist or crate, on the same deck - or relays between decks (i.e. back and forth between two crates or playlists) - just like the old Denon DJ DN-HD2500 could do…CFADE and RELAY play!

  • How will this feature help you and others? It will allow me to standardize on one platform, Engine Prime, for all of my organization and playback. Right now, I still use the old DMAN tech (yes, I bring an HD2500 to my events alongside my Prime 4 or SC5000s and X1800, or even Spotify, for portions of events where it’s just background music (cocktail hour, dinner, etc.). I’d like to use one piece of software…not 3! I could use Virtual DJ, but then I’d be DJing on a laptop (don’t want that). I could use Serato, but they don’t do autofades. Can use Algoriddim’s DJ Pro, but it’s got playback bugs - wouldn’t use it professionally. I don’t do iTunes, but even it has autofade!

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? YES! Denon’s own DN-HD2500!

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Yes, using multiple platforms or old tech, as I explained above.

  • How often would you use this feature? at every single event I do!

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? Just hope this is considered seriously…will bring more mobiles over to the Prime platform.


I agree this is most helpful esp at buffet time for mobile Djs or even start of night


I’d like this feature too. I know it would be useful for me and I can see it being useful for others. I’m currently using a tatty Virtual DJ app to give automix background music and I’d rather not have to setup a laptop anywhere

I’d prefer the automix or cfade option on prime to be based on signal level dropping away in the last 30 seconds of the playing track, instead of simply 3 seconds remaining bring the trigger to start the other track.

This could even be a feature on a single sc5000 /5000m using the layers to cross fade between automatically


Coming from VDJ this would def be an added bonus. Dinner and Cocktail hour must have feature. Or Thant emergency bathroom trip, Find the bride or groom etc…


Yes from me for this idea - not just on prime 4 though - put it on sc5000 too please


I used it on the HD2500. Great feature.


At some point in the near future, I’m going to be streaming some radio shows online and this feature would be really useful to keep the music continuous while not actually live mixing. For instance, there is a segment of the show planned to be 30 mins back to back, continuous music with no ads or chat - so if the Prime 4 could handle that playlist for me, I could concentrate on the other station issues such as social media and audience engagement.

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For radio streaming I would choose a play-out system specifically for that purpose; like RadioDJ. It even has a line-in function to hook up anything like the Prime4. So the workflow is in essence the other way around. :sunglasses:

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Of course - if you were to be buying a system to be used exclusively for radio work, then RadioDJ or SAM Broadcaster or other software/hardware combinations would be better suited. However, the Prime 4 is so advanced and flexible that having the option to use it for other work would make people even more likely to purchase it instead of the competition…

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If done right, they would need to implement fade-out with dB detection as a trigger to start next track. Implement a streaming service configuration. And to top it off they would need to implement multi-band audio processing.

Would be cool, but will it sway Pioneer/new users over?

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Automatic set cue point(s) in the automix. Very handy for a home party with no dj or one dj and the dj wants to dance :sunglasses: #AutomaticDj

Let me be clear, not automix, but autofade based purely on time remaining on the current track playing. Just like Cfade and Relay play on the old DN-HD2500 units. Implement this feature and I will be able to migrate exclusively to Engine Prime comfortably. No more Serato, no more Dman…and Prime. Just Prime! After this quick to market horizontal waveform firmware update, I’m sure this is one of the features they will consider adding in the future, hopefully the next released with the unlock of Wi-Fi (summer update?). After all, been asking for this now for two years, while some of us have been using sc5000 media players, too…Now is the time, Denon DJ! Let’s make it happen.


Richtig! Diese Funktion vermisse ich auch am allermeisten! Durch den HD 2500 war ich es so sehr gewohnt! Das muss der Prime 4 auch können.

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Run that by me one more time please.

That’s German for:

Right! I also miss this feature most of all! Because of the HD 2500 I was so used to it! That must be the Prime 4 too.

This could be applied also to the Zone output different from Master output!!

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I’ve always used this feature on older Denon equipment. I’m surprised it’s not in the Prime series. Auto Fade and ReplayGain will get me to leave the PC or MacBook at home. I’m looking into getting a Prime 4 or the new ‘buy 2 5000M, get the 1800 for free’ deal.