“Auto BPM” Functionality Explained?

I’ve seen some tidbits around the forum, but how does “Auto BPM” actually function? The goal for me would be to utilize the Auto BPM function to more quickly and accurately beatmatch vinyl and digital sources.

If I’ve got a 12” vinyl track playing on the turntable and I switch the FX Channel Assign to the tt Channel, how long should I expect to land an accurate Auto BPM reading?

What if I change the pitch on the tt, how long should that take for the Auto BPM to catch up?

Based on my experiments it seems like the Auto BPM swings a bit after 5 or 6 seconds, and then lands on… something, but not necessarily the accurate BPM of the 12” that’s playing.

I’ve been fiddling with changing the FX Channel Assign and back to ‘reset’ the Auto BPM calculator in the hopes of getting more accurate readings more quickly, but so far my experiments have not yielded much accuracy.

This is the first feature on the x1850 that has not far exceeded my expectations. My hope is it’s user error.

Thanks for any assistance, Christopher

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