Audio output problem

Dear Denon Friends I think I get an circut interuption in the audio output.

Can sombody please send me the service manual to fix it. I’m in Chile and the equipment I import from USA. So I get to fix it by my self. Best Regards Philipp

hey jack… hmm… looks like kinda cold soldering joint on the XLR Ports,… a service manual could be help but dont know that anyone have one. So… thats crapoy thing you have and before you get totally frustraded, i would open the mixercase and check the xlr ports for a cold soldering joint or a defect xlr plug… so u need a test instrument to check all points between PCB and Output of the ports to detect this… If the ports are defect then i think this will be not a big hudge to get some new ones… Are you already checked your Cables too for contact/plug problems? make sure its really the mixerunit OR First check an other functionally mixer to test, just before you useless open the mixer :wink:

i wish you all the best to make it goin good ,

regards from austria :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you my friend DJ Prosac for your kind and fast replay. The breaks, cuts are simultaneous on both channels, left and right. The XLR cables and plugs are new. Now I try the RCA unbalanced outputs and again.

Please see, more listen the video, there is a noise like from an electric welding machine coming out of my mixer. So the problem is as well at the unbalanced output. And it is as well in the headphones. No problems using the CUE and going to the Master, the same problem. So I need the electric diagram for a professional analyses, and service instructions to fix it please. Best Regards to ALL Und ein spezielles Servus nach Östereich

hey mister jack :wink:

Thanks for the video, okay so this looks like a trouble with the DSP and/or anything on the PCB Board… thats really crap cos i think this is hard for a self repair and a selfcheck too to find out what the problem are really are :confused: The better and easyer way are that you send it to any shop to let take a look for… any way of chance for this? Dont know how high the costs for this… but hope the best for you!

Schöne Grüße zurück natürlich :wink:



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Yes Roland Living near by a service center that will be the best deal. Getting a service manual I can handle it as truck mechanic master I fix my own gear. But without instructions I can make mistakes, even start open the case from the wrong side. As two hours ago I do an inquiry in the service platform. I think it is not the first case with this problem. Saludos Philipp

okay, yes you right about that to send it to the service near you, so mistakes are preprogrammed without instructions, i know about that. Hope the best for you and would be nice to hear you again if all going to the right with the mixer!

best greetings,


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Hi Jackmasterfil,

Had this issue too. Happens to few units only. I suggest contacting support to have them send you the instructions.

Mine’s working fine now after the fix.

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Dear Denon Fans In the beginning this week I send a request at the Denon Service platform. Yesterday Alex from answered me very kind, recommending me to update first the firmware to 1.1.1 , indicating step by step the procedure for mac and windows. I answer Alex, that I already in October updated my gear. So this was yesterday, Friday afternoon and Alex is already in the weekend, so getting news from him, I let you know. Investigating in the web, I found a very similar case like this at: Mixer making sounds and Audio Dropout So I think it not the first time. As truck mechanic I’m not scared about to open the mixer, but my experience is doing such interventions with service manuals. So I hope to get intellectual support from Alex. Hitting the mixer with my hand it disappear, so I guess, it’s only a bad contact. So in between I get to take a hammer with me to the gigs till I fix it. (The hammer is a joke) Best Regards From Santiago Philipp

Hey Jackmasterfil, It does appear similar to my problem… in your 2nd video the sound coming from the mixer is the same as the one I had. I didn’t tap or hit the mixer to see if that had any effect.

I never got around to talking directly to inmusic. I have a crazy day job schedule. I did however reinstall the firmware on the x1800 and also on my laptop. Reinstalling seems to have fixed the issue for now for my setup. Although I haven’t been playing as much as I should be.

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Dear Denon Prime Friends

I get it! The Denon Service people before mentioned can’t give me service instructions and offer me to repair or to change the unit for free! But I’m a truck mechanic, living fare away in Chile. So I open the mixer to search the bad connection and I found it.

Open the mixer putting the mixer with the faders and switches to the table, protecting the faders with a carton box and I screw up the bottom plate like I was thinking it is ensemble.

The bottom plate get 3 ground connections for the different boards and one of them got bad contact.

wgarri20 watch the ground :wink:

Follow enjoying music

Best regards



thats nice to hear, as i sad, failed joint points on this unit :wink: hope now you lucky and god safe the music :grin:

regards, Roland

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Yes Roland I’m very happy. Imagine, how long it takes to send a mixer from Chile to the USA. Two times air freight and customs paperwork. I already bought a second mixer to replace the old one. Ground contact problems are very nasty. In my job, sometime the ground cable from the engine to the chassis or cabin ground is interrupt and the gouges in the dashboard drives crazy. Any circuit has to be closed, and if you get a bad connection in the ground even you don’t get to put hands on the electronic stuff. It was so easy and fast to fix. :smiley:

Question to wgarri20 : Do you use the supply cord with ground???

I hope others with the same problem can help my experience. Here a video about.

Music is the most fun with your clouting on!

Best regards To all Denon Fans


Thank You. Will try it too

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Hello friend I have this electric noise on mixer x1800 and distortion and output Can I put this ground cable and will fix this issue ?

Thanks for your help I am from Quito - Ecuador

got the same issues with electric noise…

how can I get help?