Audio glitches with new pc

hello everyone I’m retired dj (10 years in clubs, 20 years mobile) still love djing but now just a hobby. I bought a new dell inspiron since windows 7 is gone . 3 months into it and can’t find out why after about 15 minutes I get freeze/dropout anyone have any ideas. I’ve replaced motherboard and os and followed all serato optimization protocals (also happed=ns on other software) anybody?

It’s latency. The computer has so many things running in the background that the processor hasn’t enough free processing power left to play music through dj software without audio dropouts.

You can try to kill off some of The background tasks which are probably a lot of free programs that get pre-loaded onto PCs before purchase or find the latency setting and push it up to a higher number.

The time when you first start and it sounds ok is probably while the processor is cold. Laptops only run at full speed when cold

Dell machines are notorious for this. It will be a bad WiFi driver or something like that. I bought a brand new XPS and it was unusable due to latency spikes. It probably could be fixed but why should the customer have to do that?

Download a latency monitor tool to see what readings it gives you.

Thanks Antchi But I turned off all background apps, WiFi, Bluetooth, anti virus programs,and increased latency settings with no luck. The glitches happen about 20 minutes apart. Almost like a timer. Sometimes it goes to total distortion and requires a restart. If I use my old laptop I have no problem

Check Windows event scheduler

Hi everyone thanks for the replys/suggestions I tried changing the ASIO latency setting maxed to the right & 25 minutes in audio dropout then I maxed it to the left 25 minutes later audio dropout. This suggests it’s not a latency issue to me. I mixed on pc without plugging in the controller & went an hour with no glitches. Does anyone think maybe it’s the ASIO soundcard? Is that why this problem occurs no matter which software I use?