Audio for 1850 Broadcast Mode - OBS Studio

Curious if anyone out there can recommend troubleshooting options with no audio through OBS studio - broadcast mode is set to on, channel faders obviously up while tracks play, audio capture in OBS set to the X1850, with USB1 connected from mixer to laptop, but no audio response. Admittedly I haven’t tried other virtual platforms yet

With Windows 10

Did You check on what channels are set in obs to capture the audio and what channels are set on the mixer to send master via usb?

Thanks. I didn’t know there were settings in the mixer to dictate audio out channels. I’ll have to check it out as I only went through the Broadcast Mode steps from Denon. I did see the various pairs of sound channels for the Mixer in OBS but figured the selection should be “X1850” without channel designation since I thought all the channels were accounted for via the master out with broadcast mode. I’ll have to play with it some. Thanks.