Audio drop outs

All of my tracks are on my SD card. I have some tracks stored on my internal laptop SSD too. Now when trying to mix 2 different tracks with EP software one will drop out completely then come back a few seconds later. This happens whether I’m mixing tracks off my SSD or SD card. It’s very annoying and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this as well.

What speed is the SD card ? It might be too slow as a card, or might be on a slow SD bus inside the laptop. Does it all speed up if you take the SD card right out and see if it lets the other drive speed up

I have a Crucial MX500 1TB SSD in my laptop and I use a SanDisk Extreme 256GB SD Card. Neither of which is slow. My laptop is Ryzen 5 Quad Core 8 thread CPU with 16GB of RAM. I don’t have a bottleneck with my hardware. It’s the software that glitches out when I try mixing tracks. No noticeable difference in CPU speed with SD card inserted or removed.

I have this issue frequently since updating to 1.3.3. I’ve made no hardware changes since I started using EP several months ago, haven’t had this issue till now. Even playing one song I’ll get dropouts, all music playing from a SanDisk SD card and it’s one of the faster ones.

How about playing tunes from a usb stick instead of SD card? Sd cards sometimes are fast but can’t sustain rapid data speeds for more than 20/30 seconds. In a camera, an sd card would only need to cope with short bursts of data when a photo is taken.

Usb sticks don’t suffer with sustained data flow, except the cheap ones

Yeah, but Rekordbox doesn’t suffer these issues with SD cards. I’m sorry, I know it’s unfair, but if Denon hopes to dethrone the king, it at least has to handle the basics in the same way. I’m not saying this to steer people away from EP. I only want it to be comparable so it can eventually hold everyone’s confidence in the same way. You know, becomes the standard. *That’s how it works.

True. I used Rekordbox before EP. Honestly, I give up with EP. I started using Rekordbox again. Now it handles all my music. EP will have another shot when it steps up. I just put together a playlist with 15 tracks and set hot cues on each track. What happend? EP didn’t save my hot cues. Game over EP. I’m using Rekordbox from now on. Windows 10, are you sure you want to delete the following program? Uh hell yeah! Bye, Felicia!

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I don’t understand you, :face_with_monocle: I use RB, Serato… EP is way easier to use, it reads lots of file formats, soundcard sounds better to me (Akai hardware maybe ?) No pb with SD cards or good usb 3.0 keys. You can put mp3 on usb/sd and directly read/use them into Prime4 or sc5000/6000. There are some bugs but globally it is amazing hardware, without laptop, reliable as pioneer Cdjs… I think that people has to adapt to new devices, learn to use them, with lacks and advantages. You can’t use Denon hardware like Pioneer hardware, it is different. But djing is djing, we just put music.

And stop using PCs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mixed on Rx2 last week… when you use to play on Prime4, it’s like going back 5 years ago, like using an iphone 6

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I don’t think anyone is doubting the vast superiority of the SC5000(m) hardware. It’s EP that needs refinement. If the software isn’t comparable to the competition, it doesn’t matter how much better the hardware is. Pros need stability across the board. In fact, most Pros could care less about half the bells & whistles that the Prime hardware provides. I mean, look at how limited the feature set is on CDJs, yet they continue to be the standard. Why? Because the software on the CDJs and the library management (Rekordbox) are relatively stable and have been for years. Engine Prime’s stability is crucial to the success of the SC5000/6000…not the other way around!!


Not with audio, if that were the case I would have had audio issues on the players and EP from day 1. This only happens in EP and this just started, doesn’t matter what kind of storage I play it from.

Yes I do know about the sudden audio dropouts. It’s happening on the hardware as well( SC 5000 ) Sometimes audio cuts for 15-20 seconds at worst! When it’s analysing a new song in the background it has such hurry doing that, that outgoing audio just cut out. My unit is doing this randomly. Is it every single time for you?

If Your engine prime is analysing and this causes audio drop outs, don’t play tracks . It could be due to a very big consumption of the computers resources. On slower pc’s this can happen.

On the decks, this is not normal to happen, as there is a majority of users that never had that problem. If this happens, first I would reinstall the software on the decks. If still happens - service. Luckily my SC5000’s and 5000M’s never failed and still work perfectly from day 1.