Audio Cuts using standalone mode

Hey. Just bought a Denon mcx8000. Love it but i do have a very frustrating issue while using it standalone mode ( i bought it so i could go to my gigs without a laptop) . Every now and then the audio cuts with no reason, just like in the photo. My mcx8000 is updated, USB stick is 3.0 previously analized with Engine Prime. Everything is ok in EP. No cuts on waveform nor audio. Any idea how could i fix this issue ? Thanks!

Test with another usb stick, there may be a issue with usb 3.0 vs usb 2.0 that is on the mcx8000

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Yeah try and use only usb 2.0 sticks from a great brand. Usb 3 Sri is saying that they’ve got usb2 workability are not good enough

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Everything seems to indicate a USB memory problem, is it using Mac or PC to transfer the files? If it is a PC, check for memory errors

greetings and luck

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Thanks to everyone who answered! Will try with an usb2.0 drive and report back. I’m using a laptop with prime engine 1.3.3 ( which had a bug analizing wrong almost 70% of the time) so i switched to 1.4 beta and everything is fine except the grid on the mcx8000 which i have to slide in every single track.