Audio connexion problem with MCX8000 and DJ Serato Pro


Sorry for my english I’m french. So for yesterday I have audio connexion problem between Serato DJ Pro and MXC8000 Denon Controler. First at all, I checked all informations on Denon and Serato Website. I checked all informations I found there. Drivers are ok, firmware are ok, I deleted and resintalled Serato DJ to be sure, tried with other USB Cable, etc, nothing worked. Before yesterday all worked, then one day after nothing worked. I’m not sure about that but i upgraded my windows 10 and it seems it coulb be because of that ? I have hp PC with windows 10. So i someone could help me, it could be good ! Txs by advance

In what way does the audio connection problem show itself?

Does the music not play at all ?

Does the music play but it sounds very “choppy”, or like it’s “underwater” ?

Does the mcx8000 play ok if you play music from a usb drive on the mcx8000 and ditch the laptop altogether ?

The music play with Serato. My computer recognize the sound card from MCX controler. Even I can ear the sound from my controler if I connect speakers at my controller. Just serato can’t recognize my controler because of audio problem.

does it load up the 2 virtual decks

do you get an error in the yellow banner below in serato…what does it say?

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