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Is there a way to assign the master out channels 9/10 so when i connect my usb to my computer other software can see these channels? Example OBS studio only sees the X1800 channels 1/2 and will only recv. sound from deck A. I need to change the settings on the X1800 from this setting of channels 1/2 to 9/10 but is there a way to assign them in the utilities? I have tried several work arounds and nothing seems to work. Im stuck sending an analog signal to my Mac, and thats a shame when i have this great digital Prime system and a USB port 1 & 2 that can send this digital signal to my Mac but no way of changing it so it works for what ever set up i have need for.

In the USB channel assigns menu, you can assign each of the 4 channels (faders) on the mixer to different USB channels. Typically, these are set as follows:

  • Mixer Channel 1 - to - USB 1/2
  • Mixer Channel 2 - to - USB 3/4
  • Mixer Channel 3 - to - USB 5/6
  • Mixer Channel 4 - to - USB 7/8

However… theres nothing stopping ALL four channels being assigned to USB 1/2

I have tried this but im not getting sound out on the other decks when i do this.

I have just tried this again and nothing at all. It still only sees channel 1/2 of the one deck. Does not see the others on 1/2 so maybe im missing something?

My mac will select the X1800 yes, garage Band will let me pick 9/10 yes, but for other softwares like OBS you don’t get the choice, It does not see anything but the default 1/2 so why is this the default? Im not mixing from one deck. If the master 9/10 was the default this would not be an issue because other softwares would see the master and allow anything coming from the mixer to be heard. Why not make the standard out channels 9/10 to avoid the issue all together is what im saying! The entire idea of plugging the X1800 via USB into my computer is so i can use it fully correct? Then i need to have control over the default channel settings so when i need to record from the entire mixer i can do so. As it stands my live broadcast is analog, and that will not do when i have a 5500.00 Digital club rig that has limits like this.

You’re the only one asking for a change here and that’s only down due to obs.

Why not ask obs to make their software or plu-in more flexible ???

your right what was i thinking. lol Others have asked this question they just have not put it this way. And still no one has answered my question as to why channels 1/2 are the default channels over the master 9/10 im sure i will never get a tech answer as to why that is.

It’s a bit irritating to answer here and on Facebook, but anyways…

The reason why ch1+2 are the default, is probably because OBS does not look further than those. Any normal interface starts its channel number with the first fader on the mixer as ch1+2 etc.

I have a D&R Airlite and it does the exact same thing. It’s predefined and linked to the USB codec. It would be weird to give the master output to USB ch1+2.

Again, you’re trying to solve a problem by asking a workaround that OBS should resolve. So ask Jim…


The Master Output (or combined output of all faders/channels) is always going to be different for different mixers…

On a 2 channel mixer, it’s ok to expect that USB audio 1/2 will be the mixers channel/fader 1, and that usb audio 3/4 will be the mixers channel/fader 2… that would leave Usb audio 5/6 for master output.

Using the same logic, a three channel mixer would have its master outputs on USB audio 7/8, and a four channel mixer would have it’s master outputs on usb audio 9/10,

Proper software should (and usually does) show all available input and output channels it is offered through the sound interface and let you select which ones to use. On the either end of the “line” a device (like the mixer) should let you determine what to send to what USB channel. So it does indeed sound like a problem that does not originate with Denon.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue with my mixer. Seems to be happening with YouTube Live Stream, FaceBook, and OBS. My Mac system audio shows sound coming from the Denon, but the software only pulls channel 1 fader. The irony is that it used to work, I just can’t remember how I did it.

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So actually it does seem to be an issue with the Denon X1800 when trying to use USB and patching all 4 channels. I have an Apogee Quartet and was successfully able to patch all 4 channels, but when using the x1800 through USB, it only recognizes the first channel through OBS.

Made a YouTube video explaining issue and a solution.

If your software application only sees or can record usb1+2, you’ll just need to assign X1800 master channels 9+10 to usb1+2 via Utility.

I did that (changed channel to 1/2), and it did not work either.

By master output I am assuming you’re talking about UTILITY > ADVANCED AUDIO > USB AUDIO…correct?

Yep that should be it.

The mixer shows 4 stereo USB channels in Utility. Assign USB Channel1 to 9/10.

Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a solution to their issue.

I use a program for my Mac called Loopback. It basically loads all the channels 1-10 from my x1800 and lets me route them to a new audio device how I like. I routed channels 9/10 to 1/2 of the new Loopback audio device and was able to get everything with OBS working. Disclaimer: it is paid software, not sure if there are free alternatives but I actually already had it so figured I’d let you guys know about it.

In Windows we have JACK and Voicemeeter.

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