Asio failure in VDJ and Serato

failure in vdj and serato with prime 4 with asio

Might be good to tell us a bit more than one sentence to get the community to help you.

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sorry tried to screen shot but could not

Reese, when i connect to virtual dj the programs give me and error for the prime 4 when put the cursor over the error it says NOT CONNECTED FAILURE TO INTIALIZE ASIO DRIVER

When i connect to Serato it say device no connected Can anyone offer a solution I have a lot of commitments coming up i

If on Windows, have you installed the Prime4 driver? Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ

Yes i have so whats next

Other USB port if possible; maybe other computer to be certain.

Does the computer itself see the Prime4 even?

yes the computer see’s the connection. I can move all nob and fader and cue no sound