ASIO Driver issue with Windows 10 update and Traktor 2.11

Hi - PC did auto Win 10 update last weekend. With it “digital auth certs” were enabled and a bunch of drivers became invalid.

One of them was the 2.2.2 ASIO driver for the MC6000.

Now I can’t install the driver, if I run the install wizard it says it’s all fine, but the Denon remains unknown in the Device Manager and says no driver is installed. The ASIO control panel also shows no device present even when switched on.

I can choose a different Denon Driver (X1600/1700) and suddenly it works. However when I then open Traktor the controller doesn’t work. Tried re-importing the mapping but nowt.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Have you tried removing that update from windows or searching for workarounds so windows sees the asio driver as certified? Doesn’t make much sense in trying to install driver for another product when you know what the original problem is.