ASIO Driver failed to load after windows update (Nov 2021)

Used my machine (Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Yoga, Win10) on Nov 6th with my MC4000 using the ASIO driver. All fine. Applied two windows updates on Nov 8th and Nov 12th (MB5006670 & KB5007186). Subsequently after that, ASIO driver failed to load error pops up in Windows. I tried to uninstall the Windows update (was only able to uninstall the 7186 update)… Same error. Re-installed the ASIO driver (2.2.2) and that was fine. But still unable to get the ASIO driver to be recognized in Virtual DJ 2021. VDJ sees the MC4000 connected under hardware, but only works under WASAPI driver.

Anyone with any ideas here ? TIA.

I think Denon will not make updates to the asio drivers for the controller line so your best choice is continue using wasapi ones or use the generic asio4all driver

Thanks SlayForMoney. I read up a bit on the ASIO4All driver… But before I install it, should I remove the existing ASIO driver first ?

No need to remove it. At one moment I had 2 diferent Denon ones and asio4all installed

I installed the ASIO4ALL - and tried it (I enabled it in the ASIO settings)… When I go into config in VDJ, under hardware, VDJ has the MC400 listed - so I select that, then attempt to select the ASIO4ALL for master and headphones, then VDJ defaults to “Computer Audio” under hardware! Although the controller all seems to work fine… It’s just bothering me… It appears that for some reason, VDJ is not recognizing the Denon ASIO driver. Also, if I launch that from Windows, nothing shows up under devices (pic 2) even though I’m connected.

Make sure windows have not selected the mc4000 as the default win audio because your DJ software cannot share the same audio device.

Show us how your asio4all windows looks like.

Thanks for the suggestion. Windows doesn’t have the MC4000 selected for output nor input… And I get the same thing in VDJ2021. I decided to switch back to VDJ8… Which does in fact seem to recognize the Denon ASIO driver… But 2021 doesn’t.

For now I’ll use VDJ8… But it doesn’t have stems :frowning:

This is (was) the setting I had enabled in ASIO4ALL when I was using VDJ2021:

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Uncheck the multi out and check stereo out 1/2 and 3/4.

Wyley1 - Thanks for the suggestion. I adjusted the ASIO4ALL settings as you said with the controller plugged in and on, then I opened VDJ2021 and selected as in the pic below. Same as before… VDJ automatically goes to “Computer Hardware”… But the controller works though… I’ll continue to work with it as is… I hope it doesn’t throw any issues during my live’s coming up :frowning: