Are we going to see any Denon DJ clothing???


Hello all! I’ve been a LOYAL Denon user since the 2000F. Just about to purchase the MC 7000, and can’t wait! Wondering, are Denon going to release some awesome shirts, hats, sweaters, underwear :wink: etc… Is it already available and I haven’t seen it yet? Please let me know. So proud to see Denon kicking ass again. Thanks.



How many other users here would be interested in purchasing some Denon DJ merch ?


looks around

…raises hand


ich möchte auch.

(I would also like to)


I could wear some


As much Denon gear as I own, repping a shirt would be the best!


Would be nice. I say a free Denon DJ T-shirt for everybody who preordered the Prime 4 engine and must wait for at least 4 long weeks until it’s showtime. :wink:


Considering the cost of privately making a DenonDJ t-shirt, I’m gonna go on a limb and say 99% of you just want free s**t lol. Huge marketing budget that was transferred to the cost of individual units is exactly the reason why we started hating Pioneer, let’s not encurage Denon to go the same path.