Are we going to see any Denon DJ clothing???

Hello all! I’ve been a LOYAL Denon user since the 2000F. Just about to purchase the MC 7000, and can’t wait! Wondering, are Denon going to release some awesome shirts, hats, sweaters, underwear :wink: etc… Is it already available and I haven’t seen it yet? Please let me know. So proud to see Denon kicking ass again. Thanks.



How many other users here would be interested in purchasing some Denon DJ merch ?


looks around

…raises hand

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ich möchte auch.

(I would also like to)

I could wear some

As much Denon gear as I own, repping a shirt would be the best!

Would be nice. I say a free Denon DJ T-shirt for everybody who preordered the Prime 4 engine and must wait for at least 4 long weeks until it’s showtime. :wink:

Considering the cost of privately making a DenonDJ t-shirt, I’m gonna go on a limb and say 99% of you just want free s**t lol. Huge marketing budget that was transferred to the cost of individual units is exactly the reason why we started hating Pioneer, let’s not encurage Denon to go the same path.

Does this beatgrid look okay? :face_with_monocle:

@JWiLL what track was it

“ Does my BPM look big in this ?” Lol

I’m not bothering to look at new clothing until after the covid situation , as there’s no-one to wear it for right now

I just ordered myself a Prime 4 T shirt using my 15% discount - but I was rather surprised at the cost of the postage…

Nearly £13 to post a T shirt? That’s half the price of the shirt! The 15% discount didn’t help very much, when the postage cost is so high. :open_mouth:

Carriage costs are crazy right now.

Less planes flying due to corona, so that’s less cargo space on aircraft, so air cargo space prices rocket, so some cargo that normally would go by air, goes by land or boat , which means land and boat cargo space gets eaten up, which means that goes up in price too.

I’m not so sure that the carriage cost has increased for those reasons - I mean, they’re selling a pair of socks for £17 :confounded: