Are there new 3900's around out there still?

wow the forums back!

I’m in the uk, love the 3900’s, it’ll never get as close to a deck/viny feel again for my money, play them most days, but love aside i have to face my decks will need more TLC as time goes on if i don’t upgrade/replace. I’ve got a couple of sticky start buttons on mine atm and don’t fancy buying the parts or sending off to the repair centre so I’m wondering if there’s any new ones around to get hold of for what should be a lowish price, a sort of investment of CDJs that I could replace every 5 or 6 years (for life!) would be ideal.

You might find a few units still boxed in random shops around the country if you do some searching. But chances of that being in UK…not good. Shipping from mainland europe to uk on the other hand might make your plan not worth it.

Hi Sean Just seen your post re the 3900’s, I have two of them, they have never been used on the road and had very little use infact I have not used the cd drives more than once or twice. I still have all the original packaging, leads and manuals and these are in first class order with deck savers and have been kept flight cased. Let me know if your interested.


HI there, I’d like to saty im interested but i have too much going on atm to make you an offer, maybe post summer if you’ve still got them you could give me a shout. For the record i’m only interested in the decks and couldn’t use any of the extra items, but thanks for getting in touch. Feel free to get back to me if you don’t sell them elsewhere in the in the future.

thanks. Sean

hello, how much you want for them ? you can write me in private on

I’m interested. Would you ship to Australia?

Hi. I will PM you tomorrow to discuss

Hi. Could look into the cost of shipping. Let me know how I can PM you .