Are Stop Time knobs linked?

Just got my unit back from repair and have noticed some things wrong with it (needle drop strip not functioning) so I have to take it back. Having received it broken, I never got familiar with the board.

When I adjust one of the Stop Time knob, it affects the brake time for BOTH DECKS. Is this normal behavior?

Hey in Serato DJ Pro that’s the way how it works. Onkyo in Standalone Mode are different Stop Time available. Look in the Serato Settings and adjust the stop time. You will see, that the cirlce change by both knobs. Maybe it’s clever to MIDI re-map one of the knobs to start time

Thanks for responding. Doesn’t make sense to me to have two knobs that are linked. Thanks for the tip. I’m really hoping the new Engine for the MCX8000 answers a lot of our prayers. It’s a really great controller.