Are cue points/loops/etc. stored on file itself in case of having to restore from copy?:


Currently I have the Prime 4. I am copying all changes with cues/loops back to the original files using the sync changes function in Prime. I am also copying the files after this to an external drive in case the #$@ hits the fan and I have to start from scratch (firmware bricking, software gltich, etc.).

If I re-copy these files after a disaster, will all that information (cues/loops, etc.) be saved, & therefore, copied back without having to start over on re-import?

Also, If I were to copy a playlist &/or tracks from the Prime software, or the unit itself (using it in computer mode) to an external souce (e.g. USB drive/backup drive), would those changes be written on the file itself?


No the loops, cues, bpm , grids are stored in database not the files.

Engine Prime leaves all your files perfectly alone.

There are separate database files for all the hot cues and loops

Thanksm mufasa and Jestsound. Really Appreciate it.

So if you have your database file backed up, it would (in theory) restore those settings if you are doing a perfect restoration of the prime database?

Would you mind telling me which files in the database to back up, if I need to?

I have been backing up the Prime4 content in full, but I know that Prime Engine is an entirely different animal.

Also, if the tracks were on a different drive letter once you restored from your database copy, wouldn’t this be something you would have to relocate/re-associate somehow?

I’m coming from a Traktor mindset, so I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Engine database. The Prime 4 itself is a beautiful beast, but the software itself…not so much so far.


There is no relocate function in Engine prime yet. You have to do a full clone with the files and database.

Where are the engine prime tracks located?

My engine prime tracks are in an external drive which makes it easy for me to back up to another external drive. So all the cues etc are in the clone as well.