Apple Music Subsciption to Engine Prime



I’m just starting out on Engine Prime and loaded my music library in from iTunes and loads of my songs haven’t come across. It looks like all the songs I have downloaded using my Apple music subscription are missing, I guess this is because I haven’t paid for them? Looking at where all my downloads from iTunes have been saved they have been put into 2 different folders (which both look like songs I have paid for before I had the subscription and ones I have downloaded since). I have tried merging the 2 but it wont pick them up that way either. Any ideas how I can get my full library into Engine Prime or any other workarounds I can do?




Apple music subscription songs are DRM and not playable on any device or app that is not provided by Apple.


Is there any way around this?




No, and even if there was it would be illegal.


Ok thanks for that.

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