Anything to consider when flight casing the Prime series?

Hi Paul, very exited to hear about the extensive testing you guys do for those extreme cold and heat circumstances you know we work in! That being said, are there any tips or guidelines, wise words if any, about how to pack them in a coffincase? Like airflow versus good cushoning and stuff? Sorry if this question is premature or in the wrong thread. I saw another thread about flightcases but since my main concern is about heat, i thought i better ask here…

would also be intersted to know if the SC5000 do fit in a standaard CDJ 2000nxs flightcase, e.g. RoadReady RRCDJ2000 and the same for the X1800

I can say they fit in the UDG CDJNXS2 bags as well as Large Media Player cases by Odyssey. I actually added additional padding to the inside (top) of my flight cases with egg crate foam—much more stable than the two small square pads included.

what are the exact dimension sof the SC5000 + X1800 pref. in cm’s

prodjuser just launched 2 flightcases for the:

SC5000 + X1800

I placed my order at a dealer in Holland and hope to receive them this week.

Which flightcase did you order Polderboy. I am also searching for a flightcase and was actually waiting for the Odyssey FZ12CDJWXDBL Black flightcase.

sorry it is not clear but the SC5000 + X1800 are actual hyperlinks to the website of prodjuser.

It are separate cases as I don’t like the large 3 in 1 cases.

Hope this helps

Received the cases today will unpack them tomorrow…