Anyone using a DIY NVME storage


Is Any of you using an NVME diy storage with their prime devices via USB

Any issues?

Thanks :pray:t5:

I use a Lexar SSD SL100 Pro portable USB 3.1 Type C.

It works very fast, why do you want a diy storage? Do you have it anyway? If not just get a quick ssd like the Lexar or Samsung t5/7 (works as well good).

I already have a NVME usb enclosure

Thinking I should get a reasonably priced 1 or 2 tb NVME during this cyber week/blackfriday 115gbp vs 165gbp for the T7/Sandisk extreme

At some point I can also install the NVME in the desktop.

I found a 1TB NVMe drive on sale for just 54€ Blackfriday