Anyone seen digital dj tips tease today at start video

They tease what ? I juste see a blurry Prime 4

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Maybe prime 4 2.0, I Posted it on denon dj Facebook page and it was taken of within 6 minutes.

Why do you think it’s a 2.0 version? I think it’s a usual Prime4

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Probably some tacky multi color control caps

Not really an opinion on this, but it made me wonder, as well why did Denon removed the post that fast on their Facebook page? Or maybe a new os version. Seems screen has been blurred more.

The first second, that You can see the prime 4, it is in software download mode. I didn’t seen anything unusual there…

A MK2 will not look any different

Maybe bigger jog wheels (these are definitely small for me, and I have small hands :smile: ). Maybe a better fx location and functionality (for example like on x1800/1850?) that would be a nice improvement. I hope also for more in/outs + send/return - not only for external fx, but samplers, loopers, etc…

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So what would be the point of it if all Prime hardware is infinitely updatable?

Software yes potentially updatable; but there will be some things not possible due to hardware limitations…or availability of more powerful or efficient components as technology advances

I think anyone named Mark would have said that too.

:grinning: Shout out to all the Marks

Obviously what I meant is that, they tend to keep a similar design if it’s a popular product.

But hey what do I know. A MK2 could be a totally different design.

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I see a P4 in update mode. Of course Denon is working on what’s coming next but I don’t think this is it.

The prime 4 is due for an update to work with the lc6000s. And if there is P4mk2 we won’t hear about it until mid dec.

I would not be surprised if there is one.

No point releasing a new console unless Engine is given a serious workover. But then I said that before the SC6000 and we’re still in pretty much the same place.

They also need to address the peripherals not loading error on the current P4 as that is a serious showstopping problem.

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Seems digital dj tips, don’t remember heir tease. After asking about I on Facebook.

It’s probably just a take just for the intro.