Anyone else using Timecode Sync? I'm using it for syncing my lasers with live DJ shows


As the title suggests, I’m looking for others who are using the Timecode Sync software to sync their live DJ sets to outside software (such as Pangolin Beyond or Resolume). I presently am experimenting with Sync to get SMPTE timecode to MTC for Pangolin Beyond, since Sync won’t give MTC and Beyond will only listen for SMPTE through a connected SMPTE input (for some reason MTC it is only available in the Live version of Timecode which is not provided to anybody but “A-listers”). Anyway, happy to share how I connect and use this software to join visuals, and looking for the same from others to see if there are easier or better ways to go about this. My setup includes:

2x Denon SC5000 1x Denon X1800 Timecode Sync outputting SMPTE MOTU Micro Express to take SMPTE and convert to MTC Pangolin Beyond to control lasers 2x Kvant CM2000 2watt lasers

Love to chat with people performing timecoded shows with their players.


please help me to understand how to use the Sync? button with a song on master A, I can not sync with song on Master B with the SYNC key. Show me how can I proceed? thank you


That is a different syncing that what we are talking about here, you may want to take that to a different channel for help. SMPTE and MTC syncing is about syncing multiple different programs to the time given from the SC-5000’s and not just between the SC-5000’s.