Anyone else have problems with their unit not shutting off all the way?

Got two brand new units and they both frequently hang on the “shutting down…” screen. only way to make em shut off when they hang is to hold the power button, otherwise they’ll stay there for hours.

the fact that it’s both units leads me to think it’s a firmware problem, I’m running the latest firmware on all units, kept in room temperature space, exceptionally low humidity and currently not used in any of my events or gigs (till i figure out what’s causing this glitch).

Thanks for any input, Koi

Happens occasionally. The more frequent thing is not ejecting a drive on first try. Waiting, waiting, and it finally does it on a second attempt. At least there are multiple USB ports.


It also happens to my two units from time to time, with all the firmwares I have ever installed.


Me too! Sometimes they hang on the shutting down procedure and I have to disconnect the power cable to have them off.

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Sad to see it’s such a common problem, have you had any issues mid set with them that affected your performance?

I don’t change drives frequently, so I’m not the best perspective on that.

As I said in other threads/posts, yes I had some other problems with both my SC5000… Sincerely I don’t know how a pro DJ can handle such a unreliable media players… If these problems happen at home you can do whatever you want to solve them…Stop the set and turn the power off and then restart again, but in a club I don’t think this can be done so easely…They are without doubts a good piece of hardware but to be honest I think that to be the clubs choice they must be improved a lot…At the moment I stick with my XDJ1000, way more reliable and stable… Sometimes I switch to the SC5000 but have always some problems…

There’s certainly a carefree aspect to the Pioneer drive reading, drive ejecting, and linking. I particularly like how you can change between direct drive reading and link and it remembers where you were. The Primes’ direct drive reading and link are not really separate and a player only does one or the other at a time and can’t remember where you were when you go back. One source per player and that’s it, whether it’s direct or linked, and it takes the same amount of time to return to some directory later when switching between direct and link as if you just accessed it for the first time.

That said, the dual layers mitigate that to some degree, becoming less of an added feature and more a necessity due to the clunkiness of the rest. And of course it’s a hassle to have to think about at all… certainly not carefree. Maybe the best strategy right now on them is not to eject a drive unless you absolutely have to and instead just plug another one into another USB socket as you go. If you do have to eject a drive, be prepared to play other tracks on the opposite deck’s other layer just in case.

I’ve brought the Primes out only once and I’ve had them for like almost a year I think. They did ok, other than the slow search on them. Just changing tracks is slow compared to the Hanpins, and on those I find I can search & locate my tracks just using a list of them on my phone at least as quickly. Switching tracks in a single folder is also faster and always works. Ditto with the CDJs compared to Prime. Something as simple as just hitting Next Track on a linked Prime deck often doesn’t work, and then I’m having to look over at the other deck to see if that track’s highlighted because it was played before and that info isn’t linking. It can be a complicated workflow with many alternate steps if something gets weird.

One reason I haven’t brought the Primes out more is the sound quality, though. It honestly dampens my motivation to deal with the rest. With as many as I have, I’d leave a pair (and probably an X1800) at my residency thing I also manage the sound system for if they sounded as good as Pioneers, but they don’t yet. They don’t even sound as good as the Hanpins or Geminis in most usage situations… which is pretty depressing for this kind of money. After dealing with the Geminis, I can actually tolerate pretty extreme operational quirks now, especially if they’re less severe, but if the sound is an IMD-laced, smeared, lossy mess compared to other players, that’s a problem I can’t resolve with strategies or patience.

Other than the sad fact my recorded sets & live streams will have worse fidelity usually than if I’d used other gear, Prime is fun to use at home and I hope all the work we’re doing on this forum will eventually pay off with less issues, faster operation, and especially better sound.

Such a shame for someone to pay close to 4000 euros plus the price of accessories and instead of being able to put all his imagination and creativity to work ends up with feelings of frustration and fear of performing live. Denon, please improve your in-house quality control in all production phases and invest time in testing the hardware and software more thoroughly before releasing it to the world! Be the company we know you can be!

I’ve owned mine for 2 years and I’ve only used them out once too.

At a wedding and those were the 5000 + Serato

I find that with the Prime (decks and software) I’m working harder than smarter.

I just have them at home now…strictly for fun, I often ask myself do I really need the stress.

I can do more with a controller and laptop any day.

I dj publicly least 2 nights a week…summertime 3/4 nights.

I get you. I personally want some stress and to stay on my toes to keep my vinyl-days’ workflow up and sharp when I’m in front of people that I can’t get at home, and because I’m doing this more for my own enjoyment and not for the money, so I leave the laptop out unless it’s some frat party or something with a lot of new music they give me right there or requests I have to service… and even then I’m moving further from letting the laptop into the… err… mix, and further away from tolerating requests, even, especially after this past week.

I had a bad experience on Wednesday in a venue dealing with bartenders coming up to play songs on the venue’s VDJ PC to the side cutting out my blends when I was even offering to mix their stuff in myself seamlessly, and also patrons coming up being rude about their requests that the venue didn’t have even on that PC that I was trying to download for them off YouTube. I already knew the venue was flakey, but it just got worse and worse throughout the night, culminating in the behavior of the staff and owner.

Think I might be through with requests and get a shirt or sign to say so. You got a problem with me playing the music I want and not being a jukebox, you can get a bleeping jukebox. And I was getting stepped on the whole time graciously being their jukebox, so their complaints weren’t even valid. On the plus side, though, without doing requests ever again I can avoid the outboard computer thing even more.

My God! Everybody is talking about “Changing the Rider” and the DJs only use these things at home!! How can Denon think to be the next generation rider if the DJs do not use this stuff in a pro environment? We are not talking about toys but something serious that is advertised as the “BEST Swap”… Anyway, since the reliability and the functions/features are at this LOW level I perfectly understand… My only complain, the serious one, is that I now have 2000 euros less on my Bank!

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I do not understand very well the thread of this post. If the title is clear. The sc5000 do not turn off. Neither a solution has been given, nor denon has pronounced what the problem may be, and then you talk about something that is not even related to the post. I think there is a lack of control by Denon in several aspects.

Yes, seems like a lot of problems, but that’s whats foruns are made for, no? get into official Pio foruns and you’ll see a lot of problems too. I’m not saying that Pionner is more or less reliable than Denon, but CDJ2000NXS2 have problems too, like bad jogwheel springs, bend/broken hot cue boards, link problems, and the list goes on. Rekorbox was a piece of … on early days, just like engine prime :slight_smile: :grin: :grin: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The jogwheel springs thing is easy to resolve (open it up and stretch them) and is caused by dummies putting stuff like laptops on the CDJs or poor placement/bracing/protection in cases.

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I do not say that it is more or less reliable. I understand that there will always be problems to improve. And my team is Denondj SC5000. The pioneers don’t care. It simply means that if you open a post with a topic of power failure, we can not mix with that if the speaker does not sound … I think it is normal right? But Denon also said because it is the problem or if they will solve it or how it is solved …

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I can’t comment on RB vs EP, because I don’t use either enough to have a good sense of differences in reliability between them. However, I don’t believe I’ve made it through an over 4 hour set on the Primes without at least one major problem in that time, and have had issues at much earlier points in sets, too. That’s certainly not equivalent to my experience on the various Pioneers I’ve used or the Pioneers I own. I’m not sure I can overgeneralize the experience with my 5 Prime players to all users, and of course Pioneer’s had a head start and Prime’s players themselves are arguably more complex. I do not think showing Pioneer’s forum with a potential minority of their much larger overall user base having issues indicates that their problems are of equivalent frequency or severity either, though. I agree that Denon DJ does indeed seem to be more receptive to suggestions for improvement or changes.

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I’ve experienced this once. I pulled the power plug to shut off.

I also experienced something else that I can’t reproduce right now. This happened when I copied over my battles sample to my mini collection on my USB drive without going through EP.

Usually if you just hold the power button for a few seconds it will do a hard shut off and override the proper soft method if the latter wasn’t working.