Any way of finding accapella's in key?

Does anyone know if there is a site that lists the key of a song? So I can find out the key of an accapella without having to acquire it first.



Use the filter on the right to search through DJ Tools section and find accapellas, and you can also filter by Key etc.


I didn’t know this site existed till now. Thank you.

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I’ve used it for years. I get a lot of stuff from there.

I do love playing with Sample Banks and Accapellas’ it’s an essential part of DJ’in for me …

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Did y’all find anything useful?

I’ve just grabbed about 20 new accapella’s to play around with :slight_smile:

"Its a Russian pirate website. They are out of reach of western copyright law.

Anyone using Soundeo is literally paying russian pirates to steal and profit from hosting stolen music.

You can also guarantee they are selling on your credit card and contact details to third parties.

In this instance its less morally harmful to torrent the music yourself, but really you should be using a method that actually returns money to artists ie buying tracks from a reputable seller or streaming service"

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Only ever used PayPal with them and never had issues.