Any updates on the prime 4?

was wondering about if we ever going to get the track preview on the prime 4? I know the prime go&prime 2 have them. wanted to see if denon has any plans on putting that on. also I saw on the prime 2 the start up has the engine os logo are we going to see as well with the prime 4 too? pretty much I want to say, is the prime 4 going to get the same as all the new prime unit have :blush: thanks

I dont think there is any need to worry. :muscle: P4 is the big brother to the 2 smalle Prime Units, and will without a doubt in my mind get the same features.

If you did a search on this forum, you would see that Denon crew (JWiLL I believe) already answered that they are working on the track preview on the P4 as well, but since its a 4 channel, being controlled from one screen, they have to figure out how the OS shall decide, which channel to play the preview… Or something like that :slightly_smiling_face:

But regarding features, I dont think the P4 will get/ have less than the P2 or Prime Go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sooner or later … someone is going to ask why they have to plug in the prime 4 to power when the non-flagship , cheaper GO! Doesn’t need power … then they’ll ask for a firmware upgrade for that feature :slight_smile:

Firmware upgrade for a battery? Yeah, why not? Cool :smiley: lol Anyway people will always complain and demand more, even (or especially) if they don’t have to pay for it.

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Give it to them free … and they’ll just ask for two

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Can I have some fries with that sombrero, senior?

Anyway, I seen on the livestream that all goodies are coming also for Prime 4 so guys keep Your eyes open. Maybe it’s just around the corner :slight_smile:

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I hope to see an update soon :slightly_smiling_face:. I know this miller lite virus is putting a dend on the whole software update.

Love it :joy: But on a serious note - its different times at the moment. Lets hope it will be over soon :pray:

Yeah brother I hope it will be over soon. Am a hospital worker myself an seeing a lot of people getting sick,it’s crazy. This is why I look forward to see something new happening with denon. Keeps my mind off the craziness that’s going on. I noticed that certain people are getting the prime go an prime 2 Looking forward to see that. Just hope they don’t forget the prime 4. Talk to you wonderful people later. Going to work now.

Much like when people say they want sampler buttons added to the touch screen coz it’s only some pretty buttons isn’t it. Forgetting, or oblivious to the knowledge that samples are stored in memory. Prime have memory but they’re probably using it for other things.

I can understand from the News that NY is really hard hit as well. All the best to you and your loved ones mate :pray:

Keep up the great work!!!

They can get a hardware-upgrade… Its called a ‘generator’ :joy:

That was a sarcastic question :wink:

And mine was a sarcastic answer :wink::partying_face:

I know hehe well what ever :smiley: We went so much offtopic here…

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Thanks :pray: for the kind words brother!!