Any kind of split screen or new window functionality?

Hey guys, I would like to be able to keep a playlist open and also simultaneously browse through my crates to find songs, select and drag in to said playlist. Some kind of split screen or tabs, if possible. Is there any way to do this currently in Engine Prime?


In my opinion, no. In fact, creating playlists with Engine Prime is not very comfortable. Currently I select one by one the songs (with CTRL key) that I want to insert in the playlist, and then I drag them on the icon on the left side, after a few moments the playlists appear and I drop them into the one I want to use.

Some time ago I suggested to modify the software so that by pressing the right mouse button on a track, a menu would appear with the option “Insert in playlist…”, as happens in other similar software.

Seems to me every time I put something in the playlist I have to go try and figure out where I was in my crates.

In fact, that is the pain in the ass.

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Done and done. Hope it gets implemented, would save me a lot of headache.

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There is if the playlists are on a separate disk, you can do it with the source tab open. I do it all the time (playlist to playlist though tbf, but same principle)