Any experts on fadecuts?


Im curious to those fadecuts experts out there, any tips for this? Like I keep trying and practicing but I find it really hard to make it sound really great. James Hype has inspired me a lot and he does that fadecut and play/pause thing all the time, but when I try something similar, like no matter how hard or much, it just sounds really off and weird tbh.

Anyone who wanna come with some tips for this? Eventually display with a video as well?

Maybe this video will help a bit?

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Yeah I’ve seen that one. Its what I’m currently practicing atm.

@NoiseRiser Take a look at this:

I think the volume faders is too heavy on the x1850 mixer to do similar stuff. I often get quite exhausted by trying this on that specific mixer.

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I’m assuming that you have change the fader curve settings?

Also, use your crossfader if the channel faders are too tight, you can definitely do the cuts on them, again, just tweek the cut settings slightly so it’s not quite and aggressive cut.

Yeah I have changed the setting. But with heavy I mean the fricton itself is bit too hard for me. Sadly we cant adjust them like the crossfader.

But thanks for tips!

That’s why I suggested the crossfader instead, as that is a flex fader.

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This type of effects I do with Crossfader - more accurate, faster, and I scratch, so it comes naturally to me…


With the tight loop thing etc?

What do You consider as a tight loop?

1/16 or 1/32

Yeah, You can cut any sound with a crossfader.