Any chance of a 4 channel soundcard for Serato in the near future?


Hello, I’m a proud owner of the DS1 but just wondering if we can foresee a possible 10in/10out sound card from Denon in the future for Serato that would possibly rival the SL4.

I love the size of the DS1 and can only wish to see a 4 channel sound card in the future so that I can upgrade and utilize all 4 channels


Hi DJ Badback, whilst there’s always something in the pipeline, I think that your best option for a 10in / 10out soundcard in the > near future < would be the SL4 itself.


I’m in no rush to make a purchase but would love to see something from Denon at some point in time that would answer this need instead of forcing us to buy new mixers when we already may have something solid that works great.

Thanks for the fast response though!


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