Anti-skating system issues

Hi, so I have now purchased the VL12 turntable and have run into an issue with the anti-skating system.

I’ve got a Shure M44-G installed with a tracking force of 3 grams as per it’s user manual. I then wanted to check the anti-skating mechanism by using a blank CD, and no matter what the anti-skating mechanism was set at it didn’t hold the tonearm steady. Even at full whack (7 on the dial) it still pulls towards the centre. Now there is definitely some resistance when compared with it being set to 0, but nowhere near enough to keep the tonearm in one place.

Is this a known thing to anyone else? Is my table faulty?

Not sure how many people actually read this forum, but thanks in advance.

Looks like you have an issue opposite of the other topic starter:

Needle skipping on both turntables

My antiskate doesn’t work properly either. Returned one turntable back and it’s currently at Denon being repaired. Still fighting with the other DJ shop to get it collected from me.

There is definitely something wrong with production or QC/QA of these turntables.

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Well. Your two plus another

Yeah, QC/QA and specifically assembly consistency & parts variance could definitely adversely affect the anti-skate in this thread’s problem and the other thread as in turntables like this I’m pretty sure it’s just a simple spring. You have a spring that’s too strong, not strong enough, or not installed properly, and you very eaily could have it not do enough or be way too strong.

This isn’t necessarily InMusic’s fault, though, because I believe people have said the OEM for these is actually Yahorng rather than the big Numark factory in Taiwan. I assume this is the biggest release of a TT from that maker ever, so maybe their process controls are having growing pains.

As for other issues with the VL12, a local guy had to return some VL12s due to weird stuff going on with the motors and speed regulation when he checked it with DVS. That was the first I ever heard of issues with them. Then there’s the deadzones on the pitch faders you can hear about in a youtube review on the subject. That last one, especially with not even a light that comes on when you’re in the center deadzone, would prevent me from ever voluntarily even using them, let alone buying them.

Sounds like they maybe need either a recall, a program to repair these in-mass & replace the pitch faders (among other things) like on the Rane Twelves, or a VL12 version 2.

This is already a known issue with most Hanpin Super OEM turntables. Ensure you are setting your tonearm correctly in the below order.

Height Stylus Attack Angle Balance Weight Anti-Skate

I didn’t think the denon vl12 was a model made by H (I’m not saying it, can’t have 3 of us mentioning it )

The VL12 OEM is apparently not Hanpin but rather Yahorng, and I’ve never had major antiskate issues with my four out-of-the-box Super OEMs. Their antiskate at a given spot on their dial varies slightly from unit to unit, but not significantly more than Technics or the Numark TT 200/500/X line in my experience.

They may not be a hanpin, but they def are not Yahorng. Yahorng are definitely lacking in startup torque compared to the VL12.

ATLP1240’s and ST/8-150’s are notorious for anti-skate issues when the tone-arm is not properly setup with cartridge/headshell needles.

Thanks for the input. I guess I’ll see what the official support guys say…

On a side note, while I bought this from the official Australia supplier so I know it’s ‘real’, but I did notice with my turntable that the DENON DJ part of the logo on the top plinth is simply printed on in white like the rest of the model number etc, while all the photos and videos I’ve seen of the turntable clearly show the DENON DJ part being a sort of in-laid chrome metal lettering.

Maybe they’re cheapening out on a few parts after it’s initial run… ??

It’s not “cheapening” - the white printed logo is more durable, that’s all :slight_smile: