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I can not find the post I was looking for, so will ask here. So many issues with BPM and track Analysing issues looking for the best fix, even if it includes purchasing another software license. Seems some analyze tracks in a different program, then import to EP. If this is the case will EP keep correct BPM or analyze it and get it wrong again? When purchasing tracks from BPM Supreme, will EP get the tracks correct? Been a while but I have used Serato and Rekordbox before, which is the preferred software? Seems I read that Itunes > Serato > EP was the most accurate workflow. I just want to get a system down before I start setting all cue points and loops. Thanks

Pretty sure you can use the free version of serato? I’m not sure tbh. My workflow is as follows…

  1. Load tracks into serato
  2. Analyse in serato
  3. Add cue points or loops etc.
  4. Close serato/open engine prime
  5. Refresh serato crates
  6. Take tracks from serato crates and add to my hard drive.
  7. Move to the prime unit and play.

The prime unit will still analyse tracks but will not lose your cue points or smart loops. I try and avoid using EP other than a middle man. Once they fix everything I will use it but I feel that could be a while away. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the workflow, will give this a shot.

Make sure you don’t use “reanalyse” in EP,

Use Analyse after you add from serato

Analyse will keep the BPM from Serato

Reanalyse will not keep the Bpm, you will be at the mercy of EPs bpm algorithm.


So I should be ok then as I re-analysed my EP library(1.3.3) after I had already done the MIK key & bpm info import into EP workflow 5 or so months ago?

Im not familiar with MIK. But if it writes the BpM values to the tracks id tag, the latest EP will use that tag when it analyses.

Re-analyse option in EP will strip the BPM and recalculate it and you may end up with wrong values.

What is wrong with your current workflow?

What dj software were you using prior to Prime/EP?

Ok…stay calm. I had a similar moment, granted it was less public haha! But it’s very easy once you manage to change your mindset from previous players. I also use MIK and Platinum Notes for some files so here goes. If you have used MIK then the information is stored in the Metadata from what i know (Key,Bpm,Cues) obviously if you dont use the Cues from MIK thats fine i dont either so we can skip that. So any files which have been through MIK can just be readded into Serato. If you want to keep the Key information when analysing in serato you need to untick the box that says SET KEY under analysis settings. So just have BPM and beatgrid analysed. I have noticed sometimes the key is wrong when serato does its analysis…ANYWAY…

Platinum notes creates copies of your files into another folder, so i imagine you have analysed your entire library into PNotes, then you will have a folder full of your songs. Take that folder and analyse those tracks in serato…to do this manually, select all files and then drag them to the analyse button above the grid with all your songs in.

Once that has finished, you can then go into engine prime…refresh serato…create crates or playlists on your hard drive…then drag whichever songs you want over from the serato crates you have refreshed within EP. This will add those songs to your hardrive but will bypass any analysis by Engine Prime. You MAY still encounter BPM issues as you have probably read about in other threads, but they are working to fix it.

I cant comment regards moving a large amount of files in this way as i tend to stick to only adding maybe 30 to 50 songs at a time otherwise it just gets messy. If you have any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Not sure this is what you where asking, but still sound advise if you ask me haha!

Sounds like you are making a simple thing complicated with that workflow

  1. If PN makes copies, that’s the files you want to use with EP right ?

  2. PN —-> PN Folder ——> MIK ——> EP

  3. That should do it.

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Why do you use iTunes in your workflow?

I still can’t make out what your initial issues are btw.

I’m not talking in riddles. Maybe it sounds like that to you because how you feel.

Getting music into EP is quite straightforward and that was I described in the post above.

  1. Drag that PN folder containing your music to EP collection (from finder or within EP)

  2. Analyse

  3. Place cues, loops in EP.

  4. Make crates or playlists

  5. Export to USB thumb drive

  6. That’s it

Using paragraphs make posts easier to read.


Amen to that

And I’m not even going to bother reading posts that are all in caps - bye


I just went through this entire thread again.

That was your first post and it’s really not clear what your question or query is?

Some times it’s better to start a fresh thread.

Metadata is stored in the tracks id tag (for most software)

Even if you move the track to another folder the metadata is part and parcel of the mp3/aiff/aac/alac/flac/MP4 file.

Your workflow appears good to me anyways.

People can be blunt sometimes…I honestly put it down to translation on here though…if not they are just ballsy and I kinda respect that :joy:

I’m sorry about my first reply I had thought you used serato. So yeah I mean what mufasa said is correct. When you use MIK it saves all the info to the file itself. When you use PN that also carries over all metadata. The only thing you need to do is remove your collection from EP and re add it without auto analyse selected in the settings.

I’m sure this should resolve your issue. I dont use ITunes but I know it’s becoming a pretty useless tool for most, might be worth thinking about using another organising tool. Just a thought.

Sorry about the late reply as well man, been a looooong day!

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Thank you mufasa and ScottyDEE you have both been very polite respectful and helpful to me on this forum


No worries mate. All good. It’s views like yours that got us improvements. Keep them coming. I still demand you use paragraphs though :writing_hand:t5: :crazy_face:

I’m djing at private party in February 2020 in Perth.

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To add to the requests for parapgraphs, the request for less full block capital words.

When I see SHOUTING in posts, I just stop reading and move on. I’m certain other people do the same. This just means that people shouting their questions end up waiting longer for less answers than being polite would have got them.

I doubt shouting, or being rude in any other way speeds up any updates from Denon either as firmware or answers.

before I go and recreate what seems to be a very well thrashed out topic - please can I ask/summarise? what I got from this thread is

  • even if I analyse in a different software to EP (eg recordbox) BPM will ALWAYS be overwritten by EP UNLESS it is written in a track’s id3 tag beforehand?

Is this correct? - just trying to get it straight in my head. I get the loop/cue point made from other software is honoured by EP already


Or… Engine Primes “Auto Analyse” feature is switched off in the menus of Engine Prime.


So doesn’t that mean it will just get analysed later? it remains unanalysed by EP all the way to packing ? I can analyse in recordbox for instance and pack it to my prime 4 without EP ever getting a look in at BPM analysis? Sorry - I am just trying to get it straight in my head :slight_smile:

If your other software eg rekordbox writes the bpm info to the tracks id tag …

When you load the track into EP software and click ANALYSE, it will use that BPM from the tracks tag

But If you use “REANALYSE” it will not use the BPM in the tag.

Auto-analysis is equivalent to ANALYSE i.e tag BPM is used if the track contains one.

Makes sense?