Another Victim of Jog Wheel Display Crashing. Also my 1/4 is stuck in Mic Input

Yesterday as I was transferring new tracks to my Prime 4 while it was in computer mode, the right jog wheel display glitched out and crashed entirely. Now the display does not come online even after several reboots.

Also, for some reason my 1/4 cable jack is stuck in the second Microphone input. I don’t think even Hulk Hogan can pull it out of there.

Had this unit for about a month and a half now. Absolutely loving it so far. Any solutions to either of these problems would be much appreciated. Thank you.

There are 3 options to get out your 1/4 Jack:

  1. and safest method - Send it to a repair center.
  2. (not appropriate) open up the prime and try to remove the 1/4 from the inside.
  3. (not appropriate) use a long nail … super glue on the flat end … try to glue the 1/4 and pull it out.

Ohhh … and most time there is only the tip of the 1/4 Jack inside the hole (damn if I read that … it´s bad english I think) - I hope you know what I mean … (I think socket is a better word …) than you have bad luck. Because that little peace of metal is hard to remove from inside the socket.

but I recomment allways the safe method … bring it to a repair center!

At Amazon there are also adapters from XLR to 1/4 Plugs. XLR is much saver.

Even if you get the cable out, you still have a failed display so just send it in as DJDark is suggesting.

Regarding your 1/4 cable…does it have a square tip. some do and some have a slightly larger tip. If you can rotate it freely, you should just keep playing with it to see if it will eventually come out but if the cable being there doesn’t affect you boxing it up, just leave it for the folks who will open your prime to fix the display.

good luck

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Sorry about your screen display crash. I’ve had the prime 4 for about a year now and I prefer using my Sandisk 128GB SD card and flash drive as media source. Cos it’s just safer for the hardware and you can’t go wrong while adding tracks etc

I agree with you that it is more practical to use SD and/or USB sticks instead of using the HDD inside the P4. But this does not justify the fact that the @S0UNDH0UND 's P4 got stuck in PC MODE: the P4 must work in every mode.

Update: Well I tried doing what someone on this reddit thread recommended by downgrading the firmware and updating via USB and that didn’t seem to fix the screen display issue. I sent a claim to Denon support on June 16th but haven’t heard back from them yet. Tis’ a shame.