Another SSD internal drive problem

I followed the description for installing the ssd drive inside Prime Dj 4, and formatting on Win10. I formatted the drive as Exfat and MBR. Used several hours sorting music and suddenly I get a message that I have to remove the drive securely. I did not even touch the connection.

I therefore ejected the drive pushing the eject button in engine prime, but after restarting Prime 4 into standalone, it could not find any tracks, nor the ssd drive.

I tried to copy all files into a folder for backup, reformated the drive and put the files back. But suddenly Engine Prime will not load!!

This is not acceptable Denon!

How can I fix this asap?

Edit: after formatting, reinstalling Engine Prime copying the backed up files, it all works as it should. For now!

I am really afraid that the same will happen again!

Sometimes it could be, that after you eject your Prime and go back to standalone mode, that the drive is not booting up again. Simple full restart the device by powering of - wait 5 seconds - and than turn it on again, will show you your drive again. I think there is a bug in the PrimeOs … hope they will fix it soon.

Thanks for telling!

Otherwise I am really satisfied with Prime 4. Compact and great quality.

It is encredible to be able having all the tracks in a standalone device. Also looking forward to the new updates.

Yes for now you need to power cycle Prime4.