Do you think that Denon are going to announce a completely rebuilt engine software?



Nope just an update with song sync

That’s just one of those over-reaction, knee-jerk, throwaway terms that get used.

Engine is ok for basic file movement and management of files, adding songs to database for searching, building playlists etc but lacks whistles and bells.

People on the forum have repetitively states what they want it to do. Those things seem to be mainly bpm and stretchy Beatgrid things.

A few of my DJing friends have said they want engine to pull in all DJ software files from serato, rekordbox, traktor, and evening some of the iPad DJ apps and engine can do some of those already, so getting it to do the other softwares shouldn’t be difficult and should need us to buy Recordbuddy, it should be in-house, not left to recordbuddy as recordbuddy probably doesn’t know if engine is going to suddenly change its databasecrelatiobship structure overnight.

Engine is free for anyone to download the fullest version, so I guess that’s why it’s slower at getting updates for Catalina or improved features

You can be shure that the price for Engine Prime development us included in the price of the equipment you buy. The people working on software development team have to be paid. It is possible that in futures Engine OS releases, some performance features may require payment.

But at the moment there’s nothing stopping people who haven’t bought the equipment from downloading engine Prime.

Ways to combat that freeloading would be to have a code in the hardware box for downloading.

If you don’t own a Denon DJ equipment, what else you could use Engine Prime for? It is a software developed to work with selected Denon DJ equipment only.

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That’s the thing. If engine got all the performance features that people ask for, like my friends wanting conversion of loops, cues and playlists from serato, traktor, iPad DJ apps etc, samplers, sequencers, midi, 4 decks, more on-stage features, then people might download engine Prime free, and dj with that instead of buying DJ hardware

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The moment Engine Prime will have capabilities that will enable people to DJ with, on its own, you can be sure there will be a price, be it money or equipment unlock code, because the software is not open source.

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Also note that there is nothing in the official release notes anything to do with a mere mention of improved EP BPM algorithm/beatgrids etc…just a “sync” music/file management beta test trial. Desired results= Run Catalina with new MacOS Music app replacing iTunes app as new music library app and in error/headache free tandem with EP…folders playlists and all. Oh and please don’t forget to include the BPM algorithm/beatgrid fix too thanks.

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But now with an entire range of products I hope they’ll work on software updates more and more.

I love Denon products… Waiting for the next big update !

Pretty nice new hardware. I’d love to use the PrimeGO for the friday afternoons at the office. Easy to tuck away in the cupboard…

My biggest wish is that EP software is updated to allow for proper beat grid adjustment & elastic beat grids. I will be really shocked if Denon were to release all this new hardware without a way to manually edit beat grids properly. By now Denon are very aware that EP is just as important as the hardware that is getting released.


The is a DJ doing a weekly bar night, 20 miles away from my city using Engine on a desktop PC. He had the dual layer mode on and was using the cross fader on the top hand right side of the screen to fade between the tracks.

He couldn’t be said to be all big creative but was using loops and hot cues in the engine Prime. I’ve got no understanding of how he would have done cueing to headphones though

My guess was that he’s cracked version of Virtual D J had stopped working

That makes no sense if these are installed permanently in a club, think about how you can download Recordbox for free, EP is NOT DJ software but track preparation software.

I know. It wasn’t me. I wouldn’t have done it that way

What can I say? People are resourceful when they really want to be or have to be.

Creative and resourceful will be the people from a so called “third-world” country also, as someone here stated about sending the CDJs to the African countries. Put aside the arrogance of the statement for the moment, and acknowledge that the people from these so called third-world countries will have to be resourceful and creative, as not many of them afford to pay for their equipment by performing live on stage, but that doesn’t mean that a human being, regardless of rase, nationality or social status is not entitled to use high quality equipment, either for hobby or professional use. And these human beings also, like many others amongst us, can not always afford the cost of official Denon DJ centers, especially for out of warranty products.

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I hope not, as that would be bait and switch.

This is in reply to future updates being paid updates.

As far as your paragraph on People being resourceful…What ??

Did anyone question or demean anyone for being resourceful in third world countries?

I agree completely with what you’re saying but wonder where did that all come from?

What kind of a preparation software is EG? You can’t manage your files through an intelligent list with specific rules like the PROFESSIONAL software that allows you to do that like traktor, serato and rekordbox. The only thing you can do is drag and drop your tracks manually. End of Game. Do u know what is an intelligent crate/playlist?

Yes I agree its blows BIG TIME, we want the same things. I’m just delinting that it is not DJ software in the traditional sense.

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