Announcement: MacOS Catalina (DO NOT UPDATE)

:warning: Mac users: Denon DJ products and accompanying software are not yet compatible with macOS Catalina. Due to this incompatibility, we ask all customers to wait until we announce official support before upgrading to macOS 10.15. We will inform you when it is safe to upgrade.

You can run MacOs on a Prime 4?

Damn Apple! Breaking everything and expecting the victims to pick up the cost. Have ape never heard of maintaining backwards compatibility?

Sigh! As if there isn’t enough to be concerned about already and now we have that yearly meddlesome tool TC and his team from Apple potentially upsetting the Apple cart(MacOS/Denon EP) compatibility. Jesus Christ I wish people would both stop frigging around with things every year or stalling in being too complacent with things like they are. Tell you what I will be ■■■■■■ :angry: if I’ve spent $4000 on hardware feb/March this year and start getting frigged around now by apples ■■■■ only 8 months down the track!

It’s not the first time Apple have done this and probably not the last time either. Microsoft has the same disregard for users and the same expectations that all the problems caused by their upgrades will get fixed by everyone else.

I have a disco computer at home for Engine Prime and with virtual DJ 8 to muck around on. It’s on the first version of Windows 10 and I’ve killed off its WiFi and lan cards - it’s never going to upgrade and neither are any of the apps - it’s the “if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it” policy that I use

The problem with that approach is that you leave your machines incredibly vulnerable to malware, even if you turn off all networking you can still get malware from USB drives etc.

I know what you mean but the pc is completely isolated from “outside”.

I’m passed the frenzied swapping of libraries/new releases l/bootlegs with peers, but I have a noncritical/household/play games computer which I run new/outside usb sticks through an anti-virus prog before putting them into the disco computer/prime environment