Analyzed songs in Mixed in Key and now all my music missing in Engine Prime

So I re analyzed my songs in mik and serato and went to update engine with my newly analysed serato library and everything is red and unplayable… what in the fak man? It’s one thing after another with this software… demon needs to scrap every part of engine prime and just make a deal to integrate with rekordbox haha… it’s absolutely mind blowing how bad this software is… I would lay another couple hundred bucks to have useable software

There are countless posts about how to update serato/mik properly

Does it play in serato or red?

If you previously added this music to Engine and then ran MIK, Engine wouldn’t be able to locate the songs if the track names have changed. Some MIK settings allow for BPM, Key, Energy, etc… to be added to the file name during analysis.

I would recommend doing all of your analysis, and tagging prior to introducing the music to Engine Prime.

The best solution for now would be to remove the Engine Library folder in your Music directory and reimport.

We plan to add a missing file locator tool in the future.

Also, please try to name your topics better as the post may be helpful to others. Using derogatory words is not helpful to anyone. I’ve updated the topic name to better reflect the post.

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@JWiLL I wonder why Engine Prime database verify the existing files using the metadata, instead of using the file path. This way, as long as the file path remains the same, no matter what modifications takes place inside files metadata, using various other software, the database should simply auto update its information based on the existing files metadata. It would be a great idea to implement also an editable file path field for each track present in the library so that the user could modify it according to his needs.


Hi @Canaris,

I misspoke, thank you for catching that. The tracks would only be missing if MIK changes the file name after analyzation. I know some of the settings allow for adding BPM, Key, etc… to the file name during analysis.

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Well I’ve just about got it ironed out it seems, I’m assuming that mik changed some information that resulted in lost files, I deleted everything reanalysed in serato then mik then serato again, I havent tried everything on engine yet and wont until I have everything backed up… serato has been pretty nice so far, would be just about perfect if we could have waveforms on screen and cp at the same time, would be cool to be able to dedicate the left side to 3and 1 and right side 2 and 4 so we wouldnt have to guess/remember which deck is which