Analyzed collection too big

Might seem a daft question, but I’ve analysed all my tracks on my usb, and now it’s unreadable on the second deck due to the size of the engine data. The only options that I can see at the mo is to delete engine folder and let the deck re-import rekordbox data. If I do this, I lose all my crates etc. Is there any way around this? Pushed for time as it’s coming up to Xmas weekend. Is there anything I can do to get the drive readable on both decks and not lose my crates etc ?

The 2.4 gb analysed limit is being changed to a much higher figure in a future firmware update.

In the meantime, as the current limit only affects sharing drives, I’ve simply bought a 2nd drive and use one drive per deck - it works fine, and it’s always better to have a backup drive if you’re charging for gigs.

This is a good workaround:

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